2017 April Con...ge (English) 2

Welcome to the Cook County 2017 Consolidated General Election

This online ballot marking program will allow you to access your ballot, mark, review, and print your ballot and required documents for return to the Cook County Clerk's office.

Please select from the links above for more information about marking your ballot online, returning your ballot, or for answers to common questions. To begin the voting process, click the Vote Now button below.

Vote Now

To verify your voter status, or to check if we received your ballot, visit the Cook County Clerk’s Your Voter Status Information Lookup tool. Military and overseas voters must fill out a new FPCA every calendar year. If you have not done so in 2017, click here. We will notify you when you are able to log in to your online ballot.

The online ballot marking program will be accessible until 6:59 pm Central Time on April 4, 2017.